Hi everyone! We are out discovering the wonderful region and culture of Savoyard with TV8 Mont Blanc!

Carey out of the City Brasserie des Cimes

Carey out of the City will be presenting original segments online that showcase traditional Savoyard culture, gastronomy, sports activities and business with a positively fresh perspective.

This is the first English speaking series that is for locals, expats and tourists alike.

Carey out of the City would like to invite you on the adventure!

If you are in the French Alps and would like to join in the adventure, we invite you to contact us!

Carey Taylor Le Prince Snowshoeing Le Semnoz

They’re made in France, they’re red and they’re +3 inches high… they’re my snowshoe louboutins.

Ski season is coming to a close but it is still a good time to snowshoe, or as they call it in French, “Raquette.”

Last weekend, I went to the snow covered Semnoz to snow shoe with friends my HUBFF (husband and friend forever). I love the Semnoz for a variety of reasons, one of them being the views!

The Semnoz had 360 degree views of mountains and is part of the Bauges mountain range. It has an altitude of 1,699 m above sea level. From there you can see La Tournette, and the famous, Mont Blanc.   From a particular spot (go to the cross and have your back to Mont Blanc) you can see Lake Annecy on the left, and Lake Bourget (Aix-les-Bains) on the right.

Heading up to the snow in April, requires layers of clothing, because the temperature can change quickly. I had a shirt, pull over, fleece lined jacket and ski jacket plus ski pants, heavy socks, a hat, sunglasses, and gloves (which I didn’t need).

In addition, I prepared my NYC self with a Klean Kanteen water bottle (reusable, no plastic residue), a protein granola bar (I made it myself, thank you very much), tissues, sun screen, hiking shoes, snowshoes and expandable hiking poles.

When I put on my snowshoes, I thought, “I am in France wearing French, red soled shoes and they are high (good for going uphill). There are like snowshoe louboutins! If you read my, 3 C’s” post, you know j’adore Christian Louboutin.  Now, Louboutin does not make snow shoes….yet. 😉 Hey, you never know.

When I mentioned this to my sweetheart and our friends, they said, “who?” Clearly, I am not in New York City anymore.  The brand that I was wearing is by a local company called TSL outdoor. They were lightweight, had great traction and efficient ergonomic bindings that were well designed. I would recommend them if you are looking for snowshoes.

All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes and then you adjust the snowshoes to them. Super simple.

We snowshoed all afternoon and had a wonderful time. After each peak, we would look down at the trail we paved to see our fresh tracks in the snow.

Other than an occasional snow mobile and some paraponters, we had the mountain to ourselves.

Many places in the area offer accommodations including hotels and gites and also have equipment rental for a small fee.

To get to the Semnoz, take the D41/D110 road to the Crêt de Chatillon. The road is windy, but it is not a difficult drive. There are a bunch of places to park and explore.  We drove up towards the restaurants and parked across the street.

While there are a ton of places to go for all levels, I prefer places with easy driving access and the best views. I don’t want to stress about avalanches, security risks, over crowded areas or get caught in tourist traps. I also like the variety of levels to choose from in one single location. You can snowshoe at an easy level or advanced on these mountains.

Here are some of my favorite snowshoe places in the French Alps that are a little less traveled.

  • Le Semnoz
  • Sur  Lyand / Grand Colombier
  • Le Revard
  • Saint Bernard
  • Le Trelod

You can snowshoe in the French Alps from December to April. Always check the weather and be prepared! Water, sunscreen, warm, dry clothes and a camera to take pictures.

If you have questions or want to know more about the how, what or where, contact me.

Vinolac | Le Salon des Vins de Brison St Innocent Salon du nautisme à Aix les Bains 2018

Easter weekend is early this year. Do you know why?  Easter is traditionally celebrated the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. The full moon is on Saturday, March 31, 2018, which makes Sunday, April 1st, Easter.  This is actually a Blue moon since it is the 2nd full moon of the month.  Since it’s coinciding with April fools day, keep an eye out for bunny tricksters. 😉

In France, Monday is also a holiday and most people have a long weekend.

There are two events taking place in the Aix-les-Bains area of the French Alps that are both free and family friendly!

1) Vinolac – a wine festival in it’s 13th year. This year Vinolac features 45 vineyards around France and is happening for 3 days; Friday, March 30th, Saturday, March 31st and Sunday April 1st.  It is in Brison–Saint–Innocent, a small village located next to Aix-les-Bains in Savoy, France. This beautiful village has a micro-climate, so notice the olive and fig trees, along the vineyards with the lake backdrop when you are walking around. Super easy to get to from Annecy, Geneva and the surrounds areas.  http://vinolac.fr

2) Boat Show / La Salon du Nautism – This event is in its 23rd year and features boats and activities on Lac du Bourget.  The 3 day festival at begins on Saturday, March 31 – and ends on Monday, April 2nd. Hours are from 10am – 7pm rain or shine. Lots to discover including local food and drinks. https://salon.plaisaix.com

It’s only a 5 minute car ride, a 10 minute bike ride and 30 minutes by foot from one place to the other. The views of the Jura mountains on one side of the lake and the Alps on the other are stunning no matter the weather. There are also many hiking trails you can take that are marked from both places at levels ranging from easy to difficult.

Hope you enjoy the festivities and Happy Easter!

New York

“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”   – Leena Ahmad Almashat

I am a New Yorker in Haute Savoie.

It still happens by habit.  After I wake up in the morning, I grab my coffee to-go cup, my sunglasses, my phone, my earphones and my dog. Before the first track of my playlist is over, I realize I can’t get my egg whites with spinach, tomato and feta.  I can’t even get egg whites. I can’t even get salty food. Where is the bodega?

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13th Annula Party for Savoie Cheese

13th Annula Party for Savoie Cheese



Where can you find an abundance of Abundance?

In the French Alps of course!






Along with Tomme de Savoie, Tome des Bauges, Reblochon, Chevrotin, Beaufort, Raclette and Emmental de Savoie, Abundance is one of the cheeses that is made in the Rhone Alps region of France.
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When I lived in NYC I often went to the theatre. I loved seeing Broadway musicals, off-Broadway plays, the ballet and the opera. I really took advantage of all the culture and diversity NYC had to offer.

So when I heard about the 51ème Festival Mondial des Cultures du Monde de Chambéry, which translates to the 51st World Festival of World Cultures in ChambéryI had to find out more.

For the past 50 years, dance troupes from over 200 countries have come to the Rhone-Alps region of France to perform traditional dances with live music accompaniment.

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