Balade Gourmande in the Rhone Alps!

Balade Gourmande in the Rhone Alps!

France is known for gourmet food and the French Alps for the beautiful landscape and nature. Add a dash of fitness, mix them together and you have the recipe for a Balade Gourmande!

A Balade Gourmand is a gastronomic walk, usually between 5K – 9K with stops every kilometer or so to enjoy a pairing of food and drink with some type of entertainment.

I was first introduced to this a few years ago in the vineyards of the French Alps.
It was such a good experience, I search for them each year.

They usually occur during warm weather month, June – September and showcase local products. Most of the balade gourmands I have attended pair local, French regional wines along with tapas size local, organic food.

Balade Gourmande Brison Saint Innocent
The walk begins and the first stop has some type of entertainment and with a starter / appetizer. Then a kilometer or so later, another animation with a small dish, followed by another, then cheese and dessert. All accompanied by wine.

French Floral Arrangements – Cours d’Art Floral

French Floral Arrangements – Cours d’Art Floral
Cours d'Art Floral Brison Saint Innocent, France

All towns in France have a Mairie, the town hall and Mayor’s office that is often located in the center of the town and usually has a church close by. In fact, if you select a town without an address (just the city) on a GPS in France, it will take you to the Mairie. The Mairie is responsible for governance of the town as well as culture and community. Usually, there is a benevolent, aka, volunteers that form associations and propose and approve activities.

These activities range from celebrations like the ‘fête nationale’, Bastille Day on July 14th, and ‘vide-greniers et brocantes’, a big neighborhood garage sale, music concerts, sport activities such as yoga and walking groups, as well as workshops. If you’re lucky, the French town will offer many activities.

‘Mon petit village’ in the French Alps recently offered a Cours d’Art Floral that translates to a floral art course. I immediately signed up, as

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